Thursday, 4 May 2017

Busy on a budget

Still here and life of a sort is still carrying on. I've been pretty busy recently really. I've been to the Lowry, to the Royal Exchange, had a meal out at the Banyam in Manchester last Friday and have been meeting up with new friends for coffee and chats. The advantage is that it has kept me pretty busy which means less time to think, the downsides are it has made me a bit too busy as this time of year is so full on at work preparing students for exams and it has made it very difficult to keep within my budget. When Kev was alive, I had a ready made social life and company pretty much on tap. A walk out and a cup of tea was a treat. It took little effort or money to have a fulfilling life. Now, I reckon I need to put aside ten to twenty pounds a week for entertainment. As a result of this I am going to have to possibly reconsider the money I give to charity. I honestly hate cutting this but Kev and I gave to quite a number of charities and I am going to cancel all but two or three very close to my heart. I do want to carry on with some charitable giving. If you don't give at all, you are truly poor, at the same time we have given for many years but now I am not in the same position and my well being and need for a social life comes first. It is as simple as that.
Meanwhile, having resolved to have a few weeks staying at home and doing some work, I got an invite round to a friend's this Tuesday and then another friend has invited herself round this weekend- which is very welcome. Come the June half term I will have a bit more time and can hopefully repay some of the other hospitality people have kindly shown.


  1. It sounds as though you are beginning to carve a new life for yourself and if it needs to be funded then you are absolutely right to cut down on charitable giving.
    If you give too much of your now limited income to others you will eventually become a charity case yourself.
    When John was alive a huge amount of our income went to a number of charities. This was mostly my doing and John simply went along with it for years.
    After his redundancy and when he found another job at a much lower salary we had to scale down our giving.
    When I was widowed I once again cut down a little but even now 20% of my income goes to charity and if i ever need to cut down again I will do so without a qualm.
    We have a need to be generous but to do so to the extent that we become in need of support ourselves is just plain daft.
    Enjoy your social excursions they are valuable.

  2. I am trying to carve out something that looks like a life, it doesn't really feel like life, or at a very poor substitute for one in comparison with what I had. Doing things is vital though as it fills up time and helps distract me, otherwise it is just constant pain which is still so bad it is physical.
    I don't give anything like 20% so I admire your generosity. The amount I now give is about 10% of my current income but nowhere near that amount for what we did have coming in. I will reduce it to three charities otherwise I won't be able to pay the MOT on the car coming up soon (one of my worries at the moment) let alone trips out. I do have quite a lot of savings and have been thinking of buying a house to let to provide some extra income. It would mean using up most of my savings though. I have to mull it over, no need for hasty decisions at the moment:)
    Blessings to you, hope you are feeling a bit more upbeat?