Friday, 7 May 2010

and some good news.

Congratulations are definitely in order for Margaret Hodge who kept Nick Griffin at bay in Barking. Apparently, Griffin said he was defeated by the large turn out (think about it, Nick...) It is lovely to see Nick Griffin as a blurred figure in the background, I just wish I could be confident that that is where he and his party will stay! However, it is wonderful to have this indication of the innate decency of the British public.

As Margaret Hodge said,
"The lesson from Barking to the BNP is clear: Get out and stay out, you're not wanted here and your vile politics have no place in British democracy. Pack your bags and go!"
Don't you love it when someone knows not to mince their words?


  1. Unfortunately the likes of Nick Griffin, Jean-Marie Le Pen et al will always be around, waxing and waning in popularity, ready to pounce on people's fears and disillusionment at any opportunity that lends itself.

  2. They will indeed!
    Believe me, I have no illusions about the likelihood that the BNP will gain in power, especially in a time of economic difficulty. I believe they increased their vote in Newcastle upon Tyne.
    It is still nice to see them defeated in Barking though. As an Essex man, my husband was pleased!